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If you've been reading up about the delta-8 THC and CBD, then I'm sure you're wondering where to buy Delta-8 THC and CBD. Many are turning to the Internet to find their Delta-8 products because they're not sure where to buy them in person, or if it's legal. But what's really important is to find out what the hype is all about. Is Delta-8 real? Are the claims of millions of Delta-8 users true? And are the prices of Delta-8 THC and CBD worth the hype? In looking at the hype behind Delta-8 cannabis and CBD, one wonders if the company is actually trying to make a statement about the acceptance of cannabis among adults? After all, when was the last time an adult was arrested for using cannabis? Not just that, but why would any company make such claim if it weren't true? So, is there really a difference when it comes to buying Delta-8 cannabis and Delta-8 THC? As it turns out, yes, there is a significant difference in price when you buy Delta-8 THC and CBD versus when you buy Delta-8 cannabis. The Delta-8 THC carts that are for sale on the Internet aren't regulated like the Delta-8 THC products that are distributed through the mail. That means there's no way of knowing what contaminants are present in the final product before you buy it, and you face serious legal problems should you be caught selling fake merchandise (as there is in some states).